Our Story

So what is “The United Church”?  Here’s the short story:


  • Two neighborhood churches
    • Concordia United Church of Christ, founded in 1833
    • Union United Methodist Church, established  in 1845
    • Our neighborhood changes
      • Single-family homes are replaced by office buildings, apartments, and the George Washington University
      • Many Concordia and Union members move to the suburbs
      • We unite!
        • In January 1975 Concordia and Union become The United Church
        • And now?
          • We are part of two major Protestant denominations, the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church
          • We recognize the German heritage of our 1833 founders with twice-monthly services in the German language
          • We rejoice in our heritage
          • We celebrate our oneness
          • We join in worship, music and mission
          • We welcome YOU, wherever you are in your journey
          • Come, participate in the joy of our life together!