About Us

 A 35-Year Ecumenical Journey

The United Church is both a very young and very old church.

As a local community, our congregation came into being in 1975. However, we trace our roots to two much older congregations, founded in the 1800's, which merged to form this faith community.

Concordia United Church of Christ was founded in 1833 as the German United Evangelical Concordia Congregation by German immigrants.

All services were held in German until 1898, when English services began. In World War I, German services were forced to be discontinued due to anti-German sentiment, but they resumed once the war ended. By 1930, English services became predominant. The end of World War II, with the influx of postwar German immigrants and refugees, interest in the German ministry grew again.

Union United Methodist Church was founded as Union Methodist Episcopal Chapel in 1846.

On January 1, 1975, Concordia UCC and Union UMC merged together in an effort to keep up with the ever evolving area.

For a more information on the background of the Church, visit our Detailed History page!